About Us

Christian Family Holidays seek to provide a relaxed enjoyable holiday for the whole family. After morning worship the day is entirely your own. There are outings and activities for those who want to arrange them. Adults can come together in the evening to talk, share, sing and pray.

Although there are organised children's activities, parents remain responsible for the supervision of their children throughout the holiday.

This holiday is not a commercial offering but a Christian community of families sharing in the fun of an activity based holiday and Christian fellowship with people of all ages for the week. This includes serving one another in practical ways including tidying, cleaning, etc. (usually by rota and with others helping).


We hold a one-week holiday during the school summer holidays in August at

We Aim to Give:

Christian families the chance to catch their breath and enjoy themselves with other families. Many have returned home grateful for the fellowship and come back again the following year.


The organisers are insured for third party risks only. In common with other holidays, participants should consider whether they require personal accident and other risks insurance which can be obtained from specialist companies.